Safety Info

This area is for basic info and/or basic guidelines. All competitors must conform to the USAC Rule Book and all MCQMRA rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in penalties as described by MCQMRA and/or USAC.

Car Inspections

  • All cars will be inspected for mechanical and safety deficiencies and compliance with the rules at least once per year.
  • Safety sheets need to be completed and signed by an MCQMRA Official before Sign-ins. 
  • USAC inspection decal is mandatory in order for a car to compete.
  • The following decals are mandatory: (1) USAC shield“left side of car; (2) USAC .25 and/or Series Sponsor“right side of car; and (3) Hoosier tire“both sides of car.

Safety Equipment

  • Helmets must meet or exceed 2000 or better Snell Foundation or SFI Foundation 24.1 youth spec helmet specifications.
  • Driver Suits must be one or two piece fire resistant and meet SFI Foundation specifications 3.2A1 or higher. Jeans are not permitted.
  • Gloves must meet SFI Foundation specifications 3.3 or higher.
  • Neck Collar is mandatory and must be made of Nomex or equivalent, recommended SFI Foundation rating of 3.3 or higher.
  • Arm Restraints are mandatory.
  • Safety Belts must be web-type with quick release buckle; a minimum of 5-point belt is required; double shoulder straps are mandatory; life of belts shall not exceed four (4) years and must be date stamped by manufacturer.

Fuel Tank

  • Aluminum fuel tanks are required and must have a minimum wall thickness of .050.
  • Maximum fuel tank size is 140 ounces.
  • Fuel tanks must be mechanically mounted to the frame preventing all movement within the tail cone section. A minimum of two (2) hose clamps must be used if hose clamps are used. Zip ties and duct tape are not permitted.
  • Fuel tanks must be vented no more than 1³ above the belly pan with no holes in the cap.
  • Fuel lines must have a fire sleeve cover
  • Fuel Filters must be aluminum or steel


  • Belly pans should not have open holes larger than 1/2 inch in diameter.
  • All lead weights must be covered in a manner to keep from coming into contact with the driver.
  • All weights must be securely bolted within the confines of the frame tubes, not to nerf bars, bumpers, or the roll cage.
  • Cars must be equipped with a full brake pedal or positive heel stop.
  • Per USAC Rules, Appendix I, Section 703, "Any added ballast must be securely bolted and lie entirely within the limits no more than 16³ measured at the furthest point of ballast to inside R/H lower frame rail. The R/H lower rail will be the furthest tube on Right side of car. Any alteration to chassis that is not within the spirit or intent of this rule may be disallowed.


For any questions regarding safety items email the Safety Director at