Club Info

The 2017 USAC membership fees are $100, and $150 for the MCQMRA membership.

USAC includes Primary Handler and Spouse,  one (1) additional handler, and up to four (4) Drivers with immediate family.  NEW FOR 2017:  USAC requires Participant Accident Insurance which covers all registered Members with Excess Medical Insurance coverage for incidents that occur duiring sanctioned racing activities and is $10 per Member. 

MCQMRA requires completion of a separate MCQMRA membership application and a $25 fee for each alternate handler not living in your household. MCQMRA dues and any alternate handler fees must be paid separately via check or cash to MCQMRA.

Steps to become a member of MCQMRA:

Step 1

Go to the USAC website ( and choose Honda .25 Midget National Championship to complete the online form.  Home USAC track is noted as "Music City - Nashville TN".   This will complete your USAC membership and pay your USAC dues.  You will receive an automated email confirmation of your registration from USAC.

Step 2

Please complete the following documents:

MCQMRA Club Membership Form
MCQMRA Zero Tolerance Policy Form
MCQMRA Minor's Assumption of Risk Form
MCQMRA Parental Consent and Release Form

Step 3

Provide a copy of any new driver's birth certificate. Please note, if we already have a copy of the birth certificate from last year, you do not need to provide another copy.

Step 4

Signatures of MCQMRA membership documents must be completed in the presence of a Club Officer, otherwise they must be notarized.  Please bring completed documents, copies of necessary birth certificates, to MCQMRA for processing or mail to Lori Climer Jones:  MCQMRA Membership - 5180 Shores Rd - Murfreesboro, TN - 37128

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the MCQMRA Board of Directors.